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Yeah, I'm Skipper. It's my real name but it is not the name I was born with because at the tender age of seven, I had the opportunity to change it and I did. What seven year old wouldn't? I made a list of names and it came down to Skipper or Daniel. I picked Skipper.
Currently, I live with my wife, daughter, and a rescue Jindo in upper Manhattan.
Born at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, I spent most of my childhood hopping around from place to place — starting in Seoul, Korea. Growing up biracial has forged a unique perspective from which I see the world. One of the wonderful consequences, for example, is seeing the utter beauty in diversity of all stripes.
I’m especially interested in how design and design thinking can provide resources for new ways of empowerment in the world at large.
In Oct 2018, I joined Sesame to lead their product design efforts and launch a two-sided healthcare marketplace in Kansas City. The first order of business was to build out the core product while constructing the design discipline within the company, focused on a lean and iterative approach to push out new features and product iterations with a laser focus to achieve product-market fit.
We rooted our design methodology and sprint cycles with biweekly instances of user interviews, guerilla testing, and A/B testing while keeping a close eye on a broad range of analytics and metrics.
Since 2016, I've advised Shep — an early stage travel startup in Austin, TX — on a range of product, user experience, and design matters. They're focused on helping companies, travel managers, and travel management companies understand, monitor, and save on open travel bookings made off-channel.
I left Fjord in 2018. While there, along with my work as a senior visual designer, I developed and pitched the idea for Design Voices, featuring communal, diverse, and inclusive conversations with other designers, managers, and strategists amongst all levels and all disciplines of Fjordians across the globe. I was also one of the hosts of Fika, a podcast featuring conversations with key luminaries and thought leaders in technology and design. It was a lot of fun.
Before that, I was at Brabble, Mediabistro, and PBS FRONTLINE, all in New York City. And before that, I worked as a designer in a variety of ways for a bunch of different people and groups in Austin, Texas — the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world.
If you're wondering — aside from family and friends, the thing I miss most about Texas is the heat of the peppers.
Skipper Chong Warson
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