Product, brand design

Consulting design director

Shep, an early stage travel startup in Austin, TX, is set out to facilitate open bookings with business travelers that plan within the parameters of a company's travel policy. Right now, we're aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and organizations, delivering our product, service, and experience as a browser plug-in — currently in open beta and built for Chrome.
Beginning in summer 2017, I dug in with the making, directing, and managing all things design, working with a small team as well as several freelancers to manufacture all necessary components of the interaction with the plugin, website, and brand — including building the whole of the product experience and developing the general interaction paradigms. 
The team at Shep works with one idea in mind: shipping good — read: not perfect — work quickly. Efficiency is especially important because the product needs to develop fast and I have committed only 10 hours a month. All said, using Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Slack, and Asana, we're keeping pretty good time.
So, what's next? Other browsers, other platforms, leveraging machine learning, opening the offering to enterprise businesses, a chatbot delivered via Slack — think quick references like, "How much can I spend in Miami next week," not a full-blown travel management company.
Really fun stuff.
Selected work