Bank of America,  research iOS app

Product design, service design, research, strategy

Senior designer

Fjord NYC

The goal of this project was to create a consolidated mobile app for Bank of America’s research offerings targeting portfolio managers, traders, and analysts, combining three separate applications into one internal iOS application.
Our work, completed in summer 2018, was based on considerable primary research with clients and stakeholders. We strove to deliver a middle ground between designs that adhere to what is technically possible today as well as something beautiful, crafted, and thoughtful.
A few of our key activities:
  • Interviews with three dozen potential users at the bank
  • Three two week design sprints, synced up with weekly validation from the internal development team
  • Over a dozen check-in sessions with the original research group using an InVision prototype with a combination of rough and refined digital artifacts — every week of the design phase
  • Built out a shared design library in Sketch with atomic components and icons — creating a single source of design truth
On this project, I functioned equally as a lead designer and as a maker, working with:
  • Three Fjord senior level designers, one project lead, and one senior project manager
  • Three client-side folks
  • Two main clients, 20 subject matter experts, and 10 stakeholders (including several C-level executives)
A funny note about assumptions and process. When we started, we began with the dimensions of the iPhone 8 — because this size mapped to the most devices across their user base in the United States — but then we decided with the dev team to design for iPhone X instead because it gave us the same basic screen resolution after you lop off the top notch plus a few extra features like screen-edge gestures and consideration rounded corners, sensor housing, etc.
So psyched about the level of craft and quality we were able to get across the finish line.

First, snapshots from a couple of our interviews; second, style tiles, light and dark

The general screen and flow breakdown, as delivered to client

My work
My work