Bank of America, Voice of the Banker

Product design, service design, research, strategy

Design lead

Fjord NYC

Across more than 10 lines of business, the bank needed a unified platform from which to conduct business with their customers — existing and new. With inconsistent work methods, a wide variety of modes, and incomplete information sourced from various disparate systems, bankers needed a way to connect the dots, so to say.
Our work, completed in spring 2017, across a number of key scenarios, rested in high level concepts, intending to be “the voice of the banker," and talked about the importance of a holistic client view, collaborative analysis, an accurate historical record, and mutual coordination for the highest level of service.
A few of our key activities:
  • Over 20 user and stakeholder interviews
  • Over a dozen validation sessions using paper prototyping principles, whiteboarding and rough digital artifacts
  • Built out wireframes with annotations, visual design comps for Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Creation of micro style guide
  • Constructed current state journey
On this project, I functioned as a defacto design lead, working with:
  • Three Fjord designers and a design lead — who left halfway through the project
  • Three client-side folks
  • Three business analysts from Accenture Interactive
  • A dozen clients (including several C-level executives)
Super proud of this work and the team.

First, a few snapshots from our interviews, user testing and validation sessions; then, a few slides from a previous segment of work that really informed this project; last, you can see our Day in the Life treatment of the wireframes


At top left and just underneath, the full screens of the bankers'  main experience while the last item is an artboard that contains the light design library we constructed — view it in one multi-page PDF

BAML design library
My work
My work