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Over 2017, we had several segments of work with Prudential about how to rethink and reformulate their life insurance product. Across two separate days in May, we provided them a bedrock of how to think about the year 2030, in terms of the state of cities, livelihoods, health, education, technology, business, economy, government, and — above all — the consumer.
Along with a large helping of desk research, this helped reimagine their future customer experience, while addressing changing market and consumer dynamics. We concluded 2017 with three defined customer personas and three key paradigm shifts.
In Jan 2018, they came back to us to address five growth markets (read: geographies) that they'd identified. Though we pushed for field research, it wasn't part of the scope of work. Instead, we enlisted our Accenture colleagues to uncover market insights that fed directly into our work session ideation with the client whereby we co-created three high-level but actionable business models.
On this project, it was a lean team — two directors, one senior strategist, and myself. Together, we formulated all four workshops over five weeks. I co-led the workshops with Genevieve, whether the topic was design thinking, concept creation, or a straight work session. I'm particularly proud of the problem diagnosis and its solution pathway paradigm, having conceived of and sketched out the equation on a post-it note during the ride back from New Jersey with the team.
I also lent a hand on the first segment of work in terms of helping to define and create the personas, as seen below in the first three slides.
I’m really jazzed by where we landed and excited to see where Prudential — and life insurance — might go next.

First three slides are from our earlier workshop where we developed light customer personas; then, work from our final segment that involved several design thinking workshops before the final three-hour session where we constructed the business model canvases live using previous research and ideation as support

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