Product design, service design, strategy, user experience, research, leadership

Design director

San Francisco, CA

While here, I was responsible for leading design and strategy while managing the designers in the San Francisco studio, focused on mentoring direct reports through regular one-on-ones as well as group check-ins, design critiques, general upskilling, and support — including lightning talks, demos, and other outside activities.
Other responsibilities included:
  • Growing the studio — including hiring interviews with designers and developers alike, debriefs, followups
  • Advising client engagements to shared success — balancing the client’s business objectives whilst meeting the design and development needs of the project — including kickoffs, retros, check-ins, shop talk sessions, other kinds of group facilitation activities
  • Sales and prospecting efforts with local SF leadership (managing director and development director) and in step with global management team
  • Efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the studio and within the company at-large

Last year, thoughtbot celebrated 17 years as a design and development consultancy. And in that time — more than any other agency that I know of — they've generously contributed to open source with over 300 public Github repositories. Because of this consideration and care for the larger community and the culture that they've carefully crafted, I will miss my thoughtbot compatriots dearly — some of the smartest and most sincere people I've ever had the pleasure with whom to work.

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